This is the web site of the United States Air Force Academy Parents’ Club of Central Florida. Any parent, grandparent or guardian of a United States Air Force Academy cadet, graduate, or cadet candidate residing in the Central Florida area is eligible for membership.

Check the Calendar section for all of our upcoming events.


  • Host:
  • Phone:

If you have access to a good meeting spot for up to 40 people, please contact Barb Stukey, Zofia Wisniewski, or Angela Rodriguez (Event Planning Team).

4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hello, My son just graduated from the AF prep school and today is his first day on the hill. He was a prior enlisted special forces Airman so this is huge for us. I would like for both my wife Maria and I to become members of this group so that we can stay up to date on all of Luke’s activities while at the academy. Thank you and I will look forward to hearing from you. We live in Brevard County, FL.

  2. My name is Derek Ecker , I received Permission and Licensing to produce and sell the AF, Academy’s Marble Trade mark Logo. I wish to get my information out to Parents clubs, I would, intern , donate a percentage to the club (s)


    Regards Derek

  3. Hi my name is Jamie Coons, we have a Basic Cadet. I used the password given at the last meeting and cannot get into to “Members Only” tab. Any ideas?

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